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We create content and manage your social media accounts. This enables you to concentrate on your great work.


We develop fundraising resources such as flyers, logos, business cards and brochures.


We can write blogs to draw supporters to your cause, overhaul your website or create one from scratch.


With years of experience with grassroots charities, we are on hand to offer consultancy as you get your charity off the ground or reach a turning point.


  • Consultancy

    Sally from Samaky has several years experience under her belt providing organisations in Australia and Cambodia with advice on running their charities. She has an empowering approach to development, which comes through in her consultancy style.

    Contact Sally today to discuss your needs!

  • Crowdfunding

    We have run three crowdfunding campaigns over the past three years, in addition to several personal fundraising campaigns since 2009.

    Elephants for Education | Human and Hope Association

    This campaign was fully executed by Sally from Samaky. She rebranded the elephants shown in the videos, made the campaign video, promotional videos, managed the social media campaign and generated numerous publicity opportunities. As a result, 75% of donations to this campaign were from donors who had not previously supported Human and Hope Association.

    Sew Many Opportunities | Human and Hope Association

    This campaign was held in 2015 in an effort to raise funds for the 2016 sewing program at Human and Hope Association. Sally from Samaky planned the campaign and made the video and promotional materials. As a result, the ambitious goal of $12,000 was reached.

    Building Hope for HHA | Human and Hope Association

    In February 2014, Human and Hope Association reached a turning point. For various reasons, they needed to urgently move out of their pagoda. Sally from Samaky was a key driver in initiating this crowdfunding campaign, including making the videos and images, sourcing donors and being accountable for the funds raised. As a result, Human and Hope Association raised a total of $20,000USD to build their own community centre, which they moved into in October 2014.

  • Flyers

    We have developed a range of flyers, banners, business cards and posters. Please see below for a small example of our work.

    Human and Hope Association | Phare Boutique Poster – This poster was placed with handicrafts in Phare Boutique to promote Human and Hope Association

    Hope Handicrafts | A5 Flyer This flyer is used to promote Hope Handicrafts at market stalls

    Do and Donate | Do and Donate Flyer – This flyer is used to promote the Do and Donate platform, where supporters of Human and Hope Association set up their own personalised fundraising pages.


  • Social Media

    Over the past nine years we have managed the social media accounts for numerous charities, including:

    • The Steve Waugh Foundation
    • Anjali House
    • Sydney CBD Rotary
    • Eastern Suburbs Rotaract
    • Human and Hope Association Inc.
    • Eastern Suburbs Branch of Make-a-Wish
    • Shinta Mani Foundation
    • Hope Handicrafts
    • Salvation Centre Cambodia
    • Sathea Foundation
    • Rotary e-Club of Southern Cross
    • Human and Hope Association
    Social Media
    Social Media
  • Brochures

    We have created brochures and booklets for numerous charities. These booklets aim to give overviews of the various charities and encourage support from donors. Browse below for a small selection of examples.

    Human and Hope Association | Monthly Champions Booklet – This booklet aims to encourage people to sign up as monthly donors to Human and Hope Association.

    Shinta Mani Foundation | Foundation Booklet This eight-page brochure was professionally printed and placed in the hotel rooms at Shinta Mani Club & Resort to promote their foundation.

    Hope Handicrafts | Product Catalogue – This product catalogue is primarily provided to wholesale buyers to promote ethically-made handicrafts.



  • Website Design and Content

    Hope Handicrafts – Run by a team of volunteers, Hope Handicrafts sells products that were ethically made in Cambodia. All proceeds support Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

    Sally from Samaky built this website and developed the content.




    Human and Hope Association – This organisation is a grassroots NGO based in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The website aims to inform potential supporters about HHA’s programs, and generate donations.

    Sally from Samaky developed the content for this website.


    Sally Hetherington – This website serves two main purposes; for Sally to blog about issues she is passionate about, and to promote her public speaking opportunities.

    Sally from Samaky built this website and developed the content.

    Website Design and Content
    Website content Website design
  • Blog Writing

    Browse below for a selection of our blogs and articles.

    Temples and Markets – Empowering Cambodian women out of poverty, the Human and Hope way

    Established in 2013, the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia, aimed to address the lack of skills and education in our community that kept villagers in poverty. It was initially set up with a fundraiser for my birthday; $1,500 managed to get us five sewing machines, some chairs, a cabinet and sewing supplies for the first semester. The next step wasn’t so easy. We had to go out into the community and convince women that studying for four months was worth their time, and we also had to convince their husbands and parents, too. Continue reading..


    IMG_5496The Very Zest – Why you should reconsider volunteering in Asia

    When I was 24 I spent one-month volunteering in Cambodia. I thought I was a savior, that by teaching Cambodian children for a month that I was going to change their lives. I didn’t. Yet, I thought I did, so I returned the next year to take the position of Volunteer Coordinator at a local NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). During that time, I realized that having volunteers come and go is not going to change Cambodia. In fact, it more often than not does more harm than good. And as a former voluntourist AND someone who previously encouraged this behaviour, I hope you can trust my opinion and think about what I am about to say. Continue reading..


    This Woman Can – Empowering Cambodian Women out of Poverty

    I first met Chomrong in 2014. She was a student in the third intake of the sewing program at Human and Hope Association, a grassroots NGO in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our team recruited her by venturing into her village four kilometres away from our community centre. Seeing the condition of her house, made from old wood, bamboo and palm leaves, they approached her to see if she wanted to study sewing. Continue reading…


    Blog Writing
    Blog Writing
  • Logo Design




    Hope Handicrafts – Run by a team of volunteers, Hope Handicrafts sells products that were ethically made in Cambodia. All proceeds support Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia.







    Seyla’s Sewing and Tailoring – This online store sells tailor-made clothing that is made in Australia. The owner donates $5 from every order to Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia.






    Samaky – This business provides consultancy and support to charities for their social media and fundraising needs.

    Logo Design
    Logo Design
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Our packages suit a wide range of budgets, and aim to get the most out of your charity dollars!

Social Media Starter

For those charities on a tight budget


  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 8 Instagram Posts
  • 15 Twitter Posts

Online Presence

Perfect for increasing online presence


  • 2 Blog Posts or Articles
  • 4 Facebook Posts
  • 4 LinkedIN Posts
  • 12 Instagram Posts
  • 25 Twitter Posts
  • Daily monitoring of social media engagement

Charity Starter

Taking the stress out of setting up a charity


  • Logo design
  • Social media set up
  • Social media monitoring for a month
  • A4 flyer
  • Website set up




Learn tips and tricks for promoting your charity!