Mentoring Young Australian Men


It amazes me how ignorant I can be to issues that are happening in Australia. Did you know that suicide accounts for 24% of deaths of young Australian males? And that young men are five times more likely to commit suicide than young women?

I had no idea until I became involved with the Top Blokes Foundation, an organisation that runs mentoring programs for young Australian men. By teaching young men about topics such as drugs and alcohol, racism, healthy relationships and cyber bullying, the Top Blokes Foundation is challenging the statistics. Here are some more that you may not have known:

  • Young men are 3.5 times more likely to die from a preventable accident than young women.
  • Nearly 90% of young people in juvenile justice are male.
  • The fastest growing consumers of pornography are boys aged 12-15 years. The average age of first viewing is 11 years old.
  • 46% of young Australian males have been in physical fights.
  • 99% of ‘King Hit’ attacks are by males, with 49% of those males aged between 18 and 23 years.
  • One in four teenagers have experienced an unwanted sexual encounter, with 61% of teenagers reporting they have felt pressured to send a ‘sext’.

Each year, the Top Blokes Foundation works with around 1,500 young Australian men to increase their skills and knowledge while increasing their attitudes and behaviour. Their youth workers facilitate weekly workshops in schools, and by mentoring these boys they have achieved amazing results.

  • 92% of young men have learnt something new about looking after their own mental health
  • 85% of young men stated that their self-esteem and confidence increased as a result of their programs
  • 84% of young men have significantly changed their opinions about alcohol and drugs
  • 74% of young men stated that they learnt new techniques for conflict resolution and anger management
  • There was a 46% decrease in young men judging others based on their gender or sexual identity

By igniting the inner ‘Top Bloke’ in young Australian men, we can reduce the negative impact on society by young men who grow into adults. We can build a better Australia, by mentoring these young men at an early age.

To continue the good work, and to get to boys on their waiting list, the Top Blokes Foundation needs your help! A tax-deductible donation of $300 can sponsor one young Australian man in their Junior Top Blokes Mentoring Program for a whole semester. Their campaign ends on the 16th of June, so please donate today.

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